lunes, 24 de noviembre de 2008

too good or TOO GOOOD. I guess i want both...

Lately, the common advice is to not be involved in a or any kind of "relationship" per say. I´ve been thinking and i guess that´s the problem. I know 2 types of guys, they´re 3 types but there's only 1 guy in 1 of those clasifications.
Type of guy #1
They´re not cute, but yet they´re good to me, they give me advices, they make me laugh, they´re good to be with... but i wouldn´t be something else.
type of guy #2
They´re extremely cute (even hot), they´re not too smart, they like to dance, they´re good to dance with and also to BE with... but they couldn´t be something else.
Type of guy #3
He was extremely cute and hot, he was good to me, he gave me advice, he made me laugh, he danced with me, he was good to be with and also to BE with, but i thought that he was too much, 'til I realized that i was thinking instead of living.

I want a type #3 guy, where do i get one??