lunes, 8 de diciembre de 2008

not here But HerE

I've been a little bit busy, and as most of you can see, i haven´t written anything so far. I got stuck with tons of homework this weekend, i really hate the end of the semester. Tomorrow is going to be crazy!! grrr. I have an exam, loads of work due tomorrow, another week of news. it´s really not fun. X-mas is comming! and so all the troubles that are always around me. This year I SWEAR!! nothing, nothing is going to make me change my mind about throwing a party. So far, my house doesn´t have any xmas decorations and i´m not really looking forward to it. My mom kinda wants'em and i almost said: ok, ok, i'll get them out... but i really don´t want to get in all that trouble and besides, x-mas is not about decoration and trees and stars and stuff, that´s what i hate about x-mas, that if you don´t see red or gold ribbons or fake snowflakes on the windows that means it´s not x-mas. This holiday is suppoused to be like religious and spiritual or something like that, but it became a comercial, hollow and pretencious holiday. People just wants new stuff given by anyone that can fit in a enormous red suit. Little kids get tricked onto thinking that some guy will come and give away free toys (specially now with the plummeting economy).
There's two things two consider:
1.Parents spend huge amounts of money trying to fulfill their children's hopes(finding toys parents think will make their kids happy and also hiding'em til x-mas eve) and get sad because they did not get what they have specifically asked for.

There´s another aspect to consider: FOOD!
x-mas is a food holiday(on top of everything)
-everything tastes soo good that you gain weight because you tried a little bit of everything
-your [mom/aunt/sibling/someone] tells you to eat twice because they cooked way too much food.
-You end up sick because all that food you have in your system (indigested, intoxicated, etc.)
-you end up throwing away all the food that´s left on the fridge and no one will eat because they got sick (or they don´t want to eat that again)
-there´s leftovers of turkey to feed an entire army and they last 'til february second.
-there's always candy aroud and the usual colors are green, red, and white
-there's also food that seems like it has been eated (dried frut)
-there's food that doesn't seem like it and you still have to eat it.
-you end up waisted for all those drinks you and your friends had! and you don´t remember half of what happened that day or night or both.

I guess i'll leave it there... suddendly i'm getting hungry.


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