lunes, 22 de junio de 2009

Hig Heels

Debo admitir una cosa: esto del fashion design como que te cambia la perspectiva. Para aquellos que me conocen soy una superpandrosa que se pone la ropa que dios le da a entender. Eso incluye muchos flats, tennis, jeans y playeras ah y hoodies. pero siempre siempre ando bien pandrosa. Ultimamente he estado leyendo articulos que estan jugando con mi mente y pues he decidido que el primer cambio que si quiero hacer de mi tomboy-ish look es usar tacones.
Ustedes entenderán que es una hazaña para mi pues siempre ando pegada al piso y como que no soy muy buena en eso del equlibrio (a menos que se trate de patines) pues siempre me ha costado trabajito caminar con heels. No se por que namas no se me da, creo que la eva y la comodidad siempre ganan sobre todas las cosas XD. bueno, también había pensado dejar de usar jeans y empezar con faldas o vestiditos o alguna ropa asi bien cute yo que se. Pues no me queda mas que bajar la cabeza y decir: se aceptan consejos n.n

No se rian si me ven con tacones y parezco pollo espinado. Se requiere apoyo moral!!! jajajaja que mal...

viernes, 19 de junio de 2009

Not everything is the way it's suppoused to be..

I've been out for a while, getting my head so full of ideas that's almost hard to keep thinkin straight. The more I think about the story I want, the more I realize that's just not going to happen. Would you believe that I actually found someone that thinks like me?? the problem is that he likes his freedom and loneliness (well me too actually) which is kinda why i like him, but also the reason why I keep thinking IT's NEVA' GOING TO HAPPEN!. His usual behavior includes contemplating I don't know what. He also likes to knudge people wich is kinda irritating in a level that... well let's not get picky. I kinda decided to stop. I'm in a slow process towards convincing myself that keeping my thoughts in my head is the best way to not screwing things up. And also to keep my mouth shut. Wich is kinda working lately 'cuz if it wasn't for that i'll be staying for extras and... let's face it: i don't do well on big exams.

I found this amazing pictures that show how would it be if the disney princess were living on a happily every day suckin' life. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. They're really clever!

lunes, 1 de junio de 2009

I hate you!

I´m so fucking tired to pretend that everything is all right, cuz is not. I´m so fucking tired of feeling empty, tired of waiting for something to happen. It wont. I know nothing will happen, not at least the way I expect it to. I´m sick of looking like i'm happy, cuz i'm not. I can't believe how hard is this, waiting for this feeling to go away especially when I can't get you out of my fucking life!! i riped your stuff, burned your letters, I destroyed the book, asked you to tell me that you don't love me, i keep repeating myself: "he's out", but the fact is that you're not. And i hate it, that's why I hate when it rains, that's why i can't say yes, let myself enjoy or find somebodye else. I´m so fuking tired of dreaming, i can't stand it anymore!! The guy up there punishes me cuz i'm not doing what I should. I live daydreaming about winding up with this biker guy. I hate bikes, I hate physics, I hate you. That's a new one. I haven't said that before, not even inside me. The truth is I hate you, i don't know why, i'm trying real hard not to cry while writing this but it's useless. I'm so fuckin tired to be what everybody else expects, i'm really tired of it, cuz people want someone that i'm not. I'm over trying to explain myself to the world, living like they own me, i wish i was stronger, I wish i was dried out, I wish that this knot in my throath would dissapear. I wish that everythin i am was enough for someone. I wish that when i see you i don't feel down, useless, sad, anxious, something. I wish that somebody will give me a painkiller. I just can't take it anymore.