jueves, 18 de diciembre de 2008


he just told me that she broke up with him.i don´t know why? i mean, i know why he told me, but not why she had broken up with him. i´m still in shock! i always thought it would be the other way around. I thought the one that was not happy was him and, oh my! i´m sorry, i still cannot believe it. It´s sad but I´m not sorry, not sure why, though. I told him i´m not sorry, what I wonder is ¿what did he expect? was i suppoused to tell him something? something like... everything will get back to normal? or even worse... I´m.. I´m... astonished. I guess i´ve grown up and also i have myself a little respect. otherwise tomorrow I would´ve been at his door with strawberries and mad about you. But I´d decided that he´s out of my life. I mean, not OUT out but, not in at all. They loved each other, they seemed like a married couple, like a family, how can something like that take those people to the place they are?

-life is really cruel-

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Ryosatsuma dijo...

Unfortunately, in love almost always someone is chasing someone, but not both. Someone love more than the other, or expect more of the relationship itself. Real love its not like in the movies, unfortunately. Love it´s not perfect, love it´s not eternal, but in that way we need to feel it. In the imperfect perfection of it.
Who guessed?! Ryo talking about love. Yeah, I know, It´s ridiculous! :P