lunes, 29 de diciembre de 2008

girly stUfF!

I was reading this magazine (i'm not going to say wich one because it really doesn´t matter) and there was this section on style tips. As i started reading some (if not most of them) were usles, expensive or not suited for most of us girls that don´t look like an IT girl. I´m not a fashion expert but I guess this are 5 basic tips that you might consider because 'They work'.

# 1
stock up on basics.
Sometimes there are certain kind of clothes that they really suit you, like a t-shirt or a pair of jeans. If you can afford it, buy more than 1 pair or piece. Basics will save you when you need it.

The option: try to save as much money as you can. this might sound weird but actually if instead of buying junk food or other stuff that you don´t need, you save your money, at the end of the month you´ll end up with enough money for stocking up on basics!

get a super cute fashion scarf
Ok. scarfs are for winter only, you might think. You don´t need get an expensive, thick, heavy or warm scarf. You´ll need to get a slim, fresh super cute and affordable one. What for? you can use it as a necklace ( you read it right!), a belt, a hair band, a blouse (if it´s not see through). Use it the way you want it, make it part of your unique and own style.

The option: in case you hate scarves or just don´t like´m, try to get an accesory that might have several uses, like a necklace used also as multi-bracelet. Get creative.

go to sales more often
wouldn´t it be faboulous to get 5o% off on stuff that you can´t afforrd to pay full price? well i think it is! Sales offer you fashion at affordable prices. of course it won´t be top notch fashion but the point is to get good stuf that goes with your style.

at a sale, get an extra pair of hands
This is not so much a fashion tip but anyway. Get someone that is willing to carry, hold or get stuff so you can get what you want. like if there´s two racks with different sizes, send your friend to get the shirt you want from your size and you get an extra in case it doesn´t fit. or ask'em to hold accesories and stuff and take'm away so you can choose what you really want without someone trying to take it.

The option: get a basket big enough to put in stuff that you like, doesn´t matter whether if fits or not. get all what you want and you can try it later on. Remember
to take back the stuff you didn´t want to the place where you found it.

Get a glam hat
if you're having a bad hair day you might want to consider wearing a hat. There are all sorts of hats. Just find one that goes with your outfit, or with your mood.

Extra Bonus!
think you´re cute and beautiful.
This sounds a little cheesy, but it's true. If you look like a model and yet you don't feel beautiful there's a big problem. Try to think you look like a cosmo Girl, believe it. If you don´t believe it, who will??

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