lunes, 29 de diciembre de 2008

girly stUfF!

I was reading this magazine (i'm not going to say wich one because it really doesn´t matter) and there was this section on style tips. As i started reading some (if not most of them) were usles, expensive or not suited for most of us girls that don´t look like an IT girl. I´m not a fashion expert but I guess this are 5 basic tips that you might consider because 'They work'.

# 1
stock up on basics.
Sometimes there are certain kind of clothes that they really suit you, like a t-shirt or a pair of jeans. If you can afford it, buy more than 1 pair or piece. Basics will save you when you need it.

The option: try to save as much money as you can. this might sound weird but actually if instead of buying junk food or other stuff that you don´t need, you save your money, at the end of the month you´ll end up with enough money for stocking up on basics!

get a super cute fashion scarf
Ok. scarfs are for winter only, you might think. You don´t need get an expensive, thick, heavy or warm scarf. You´ll need to get a slim, fresh super cute and affordable one. What for? you can use it as a necklace ( you read it right!), a belt, a hair band, a blouse (if it´s not see through). Use it the way you want it, make it part of your unique and own style.

The option: in case you hate scarves or just don´t like´m, try to get an accesory that might have several uses, like a necklace used also as multi-bracelet. Get creative.

go to sales more often
wouldn´t it be faboulous to get 5o% off on stuff that you can´t afforrd to pay full price? well i think it is! Sales offer you fashion at affordable prices. of course it won´t be top notch fashion but the point is to get good stuf that goes with your style.

at a sale, get an extra pair of hands
This is not so much a fashion tip but anyway. Get someone that is willing to carry, hold or get stuff so you can get what you want. like if there´s two racks with different sizes, send your friend to get the shirt you want from your size and you get an extra in case it doesn´t fit. or ask'em to hold accesories and stuff and take'm away so you can choose what you really want without someone trying to take it.

The option: get a basket big enough to put in stuff that you like, doesn´t matter whether if fits or not. get all what you want and you can try it later on. Remember
to take back the stuff you didn´t want to the place where you found it.

Get a glam hat
if you're having a bad hair day you might want to consider wearing a hat. There are all sorts of hats. Just find one that goes with your outfit, or with your mood.

Extra Bonus!
think you´re cute and beautiful.
This sounds a little cheesy, but it's true. If you look like a model and yet you don't feel beautiful there's a big problem. Try to think you look like a cosmo Girl, believe it. If you don´t believe it, who will??

viernes, 26 de diciembre de 2008

happy Bis n.n

Ok, so today i´m really happy, in fact sooo happy that i even did the dishes without anyone asking me to!! yay! And the reason of my happines is that i´ve finally gotten my itty bitty sewing machine! And is waaay better than the toy one i have. It´s soo pretty that i cannot stop staring at it (JK). I still need to read the manual in order to learn how to really use it and not messing it up. So now all the projects i have in mind will become real.
i´ve been filling my head wit diy fashion parades and pretty cool ideas on how to personalize your clothing in order to simply get what you want. And some of those ideas are pretty easy to perform. Today was a bit agitated, things around the house are messy cuz we spent most of the day at the store trying tools and drill motors (something that i need of course)and also the J explained me that he wanted to get the B a new tv so he can watch his games big and full HD. If you ask me i´m pretty cool with that because the tv b´s got is dying low and slow. And it´ll be a nice thing he´ll get to take care of. I got pretty good deals on shoes and bra´s today. The store was a crazy place, it seemed like they were giving away free stuff. I ran around the store like i always do, but it was pretty full. Shopping is hard work if you ask me. I got for xmas a few kitchen tools and my TIMER!! finally! and my oh so cheesy books are sitting on my bed waiting to be read. I also got yummy chocolates. i think i´m getting hungry. i´m always hungry. ok, so i'll go get something to eat.
p.s. if this blog is too girly, to bored, to cheesy, to whatever then don´t read it, but don´t expect that i change the way i write. If it bothers you, too bad. I don´t care if anyone takes this personal. I´m done trying to make people to accept me the way I am. If i´m not enough for you, so be it. n.n

jueves, 18 de diciembre de 2008


he just told me that she broke up with him.i don´t know why? i mean, i know why he told me, but not why she had broken up with him. i´m still in shock! i always thought it would be the other way around. I thought the one that was not happy was him and, oh my! i´m sorry, i still cannot believe it. It´s sad but I´m not sorry, not sure why, though. I told him i´m not sorry, what I wonder is ¿what did he expect? was i suppoused to tell him something? something like... everything will get back to normal? or even worse... I´m.. I´m... astonished. I guess i´ve grown up and also i have myself a little respect. otherwise tomorrow I would´ve been at his door with strawberries and mad about you. But I´d decided that he´s out of my life. I mean, not OUT out but, not in at all. They loved each other, they seemed like a married couple, like a family, how can something like that take those people to the place they are?

-life is really cruel-

jueves, 11 de diciembre de 2008

haVe yOu ev€r lOst sOmeOne?

bueno tanto como perder no, la cosa va del siguiente modo. Hace bastante (por no decir mucho) tiempo, digamos cuando yo tenia entre 4 y 5 años, tenia un amigo llamado omar (tomese en cuenta que me remonto al kinder jijiji n_n) según yo, me la pasaba todo el tiempo con el, incluso hay una historia muyyy embarazosa que tiene que ver con mis fantasias miniatura jajajjaja y mi impulsives(o.o) y de hecho hay una foto que pronto pondre que lo dice tooodo! jajjaja pero eso no importa, ni la foto, ni la historia para fines prácticos, la cosa es que lo dejé de ver por circunstancias fuera de mi control (obviamente!, ademas a los 5 años no se puede controlar muchas cosas XD) y aunque mi mama tenía su numero de telefono anotado en un papelito que no me dejaba ni tocar (para que no lo perdiera claro esta) jamás hice el intento de buscarlo pues mm a los 4 o 5 una tiene mas ocupaciones jajajja (que chorote) pero siempre me acuerdo de el, por una cosa o por otra, y siempre trato de acordarme de su apellido, algo... lo unico que me queda de él son fotos y buenos recuerdos pero... a como me gustaria saber que ha sido de él, pero mas como se ve ahora, si tan solo recordara su apellido... lástima, espero que un dia lo encuentre. y tu... haz perdido alguna vez a alguien?

lunes, 8 de diciembre de 2008

not here But HerE

I've been a little bit busy, and as most of you can see, i haven´t written anything so far. I got stuck with tons of homework this weekend, i really hate the end of the semester. Tomorrow is going to be crazy!! grrr. I have an exam, loads of work due tomorrow, another week of news. it´s really not fun. X-mas is comming! and so all the troubles that are always around me. This year I SWEAR!! nothing, nothing is going to make me change my mind about throwing a party. So far, my house doesn´t have any xmas decorations and i´m not really looking forward to it. My mom kinda wants'em and i almost said: ok, ok, i'll get them out... but i really don´t want to get in all that trouble and besides, x-mas is not about decoration and trees and stars and stuff, that´s what i hate about x-mas, that if you don´t see red or gold ribbons or fake snowflakes on the windows that means it´s not x-mas. This holiday is suppoused to be like religious and spiritual or something like that, but it became a comercial, hollow and pretencious holiday. People just wants new stuff given by anyone that can fit in a enormous red suit. Little kids get tricked onto thinking that some guy will come and give away free toys (specially now with the plummeting economy).
There's two things two consider:
1.Parents spend huge amounts of money trying to fulfill their children's hopes(finding toys parents think will make their kids happy and also hiding'em til x-mas eve) and get sad because they did not get what they have specifically asked for.

There´s another aspect to consider: FOOD!
x-mas is a food holiday(on top of everything)
-everything tastes soo good that you gain weight because you tried a little bit of everything
-your [mom/aunt/sibling/someone] tells you to eat twice because they cooked way too much food.
-You end up sick because all that food you have in your system (indigested, intoxicated, etc.)
-you end up throwing away all the food that´s left on the fridge and no one will eat because they got sick (or they don´t want to eat that again)
-there´s leftovers of turkey to feed an entire army and they last 'til february second.
-there's always candy aroud and the usual colors are green, red, and white
-there's also food that seems like it has been eated (dried frut)
-there's food that doesn't seem like it and you still have to eat it.
-you end up waisted for all those drinks you and your friends had! and you don´t remember half of what happened that day or night or both.

I guess i'll leave it there... suddendly i'm getting hungry.