domingo, 4 de enero de 2009

not so BaD!

so this x-mas wasn´t so bad. I mean, despite of the evil growth in my granny's head and the fact that se was hospitalized, everything was pretty cool. I didn´t had J all over me hovering about the pictures, on x-mas eve we didn´t dress up like other years, and i guess that what make things easier was the fact that everybody was happy doing whatever they wanted to do, everybody eated whatever they wanted and still we were together going on with our lives. We stayed up late watching movies and "trying to not remember rather than forget." x-mas morning was about the same, there were gifts and stuff but there was no pressure whatsoever. I guess the hole No-picture thing helped a lot. Besides, the J always gets the worst faces out of the prettiest people in this world. There was a lot of DIY home improvement though.
I finished reading the mcgowan boys book, it got pretty interesting in between, but i guess it could´ve had a more interesting ending... whateva'.
The other book is bo-ring! this girl Ginny has to travel around Europe, she's got the money, she's got the adventures, and the only thing she keeps thinking is that she is ALONE!, she is soooo waisting Europe. If i had that chance I wouldn´t think about it twice. I know 'cuz i´ve done it. I got my trip free of charge, free food and acomodations and parties every weekend. So if i was offered to go to Europe mythings will already be packed. I guess that won´t happen, that's why I, either, need to marry a rich guy or get a pretty good job so I can afford traveling around the world. I got my drill motor today, it´s kinda heavy but it´ll do the job (as explained by the J) so I guess I´ll be doing holes around my house. I bet my mom will love it because she is the kind of gal that fixes things around the house. I cannot believe how creative she is, and she always and I mean ALWAYS finds a solution for every problem that comes to her. Once she turned a hoola hop into a hose and I don´t remember what she had used it for but it just worked perfectly. Anyway... i´m getting more experienced about house painting, this time i´m doing my aunt's house. Not sure which color yet. But is urgent, the walls just don´t look pretty anymore. i´m getting paid of course. I´m not good at finding jobs. I guess they´ve always found me, like that time when I was a skating instructor. I think I'm gonna get some sleep. C U lata! (wtf!)

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